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Adventures Are Not Just For The Elite

Most of my life I have been a typical sedentary IT engineer, but around Xmas 2015 I built up the courage to change my life.  I decided that instead of just looking at other people's travel blogs I would get out there and start enjoying some adventure in my own life.   


I am not your typical adventurer, I am an overweight middle-aged gent with a lot of problems, but I solve the problems and just get out there.  I still hold down a regular job but use much of my free time to explore, take some snapshots and enjoy the world we live in.  Over the last few years, I have come to appreciate how experiences are more important to me than possessions.  The outdoors is also an amazing mental health tool.  Time to just think, solve problems and enjoy some of the places we still have left on this planet. 


Through my blog, I hope to inspire others to just get out there and take on an adventure.  Almost no matter what your problems are, there is always an adventure waiting for you, if you look for it.

Hiking, Backpacking & Travel


I hope that over the coming years the adventure bug doesn't go away and I get to enjoy many more places/activities still on my bucket list.  I will endeavour to document as many as possible so others can enjoy and hopefully inspire one or two to get out there and enjoy the world we live in.

Remember, adventures are not just for the elite.


Nature First member
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