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Thermarest NeoAir Uberlite Review

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

A comfortable and suitable sleeping pad is one of the most important pieces of kit you carry out in the wilderness. It provides comfort and warmth and most importantly allows you to get a good nights sleep to recover.

I have been using Thermarest sleeping pads for several years now. As a side sleeper I find their inflatable pads the most comfortable. They do also make a range of self inflating pads, but the inflatable pads are the cream of the crop and the best for ultralight hiking. I already own the XTherm and XLite pads from Thermarest, so when the Uberlite was announced it was inevitable it would be added to the collection.

I purchased the regular, it comes in at a staggering 240g, compared with the lightest pad to date at 357g from them and has an R value of 2.0. That is a massive saving in terms of weight on the back for a single item reduction. All those gram counters reading this know what I mean.

On first inspection, it comes in the box with a small stuff sack, the warranty and a field repair kit. With the material so thin on this model, it definitely is not one I will be taking on hikes in the UK with the dog. This will be reserved for hikes abroad or alone where I need all the weight saving I can get.

When inflated it looks the same as the XLite, obviously a different colour to the XLite yellow, but very similar except the obviously thinner material to shed that weight.

The most shocking thing is the pack size, here (left to right) are the 3 main Thermarest inflatable pads, XTherm, XLite and the UberLite with a Samsung S8 phone for comparison. The XTherm is a Large size, the XLite and Uberlite are Regular sizes.

After sleeping on it for 1 night, it seemed less noisy than the XLite due to the different material but still makes some noise. If total peace and quiet are a requirement for yourself or your partner then this new product in the NeoAir is probably still not for you. But it didn't bother me.

Thermarest NeoAir Uberlite Summary

Fantastic pad, certainly the best and most comfortable in this category that I have used for 3 season use. However I won't be using it camping with the dog, the material is too thin to risk it.

My score for this item is 4/5

You can purchase the product here:

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