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How Can You Support Us?

If you like what we do and want to support us in our content creation, we have many ways you can help. Some are at no cost to you, and others offer you a way to support us financially for our content. Whatever you decide, we are grateful.



Join the community for free to get extra posts beyond our blog, or sign up for a paid tier to get extra perks within the community.

Support us, buy me a coffee


If you want to buy me a coffee or the dog a bone, we appreciate it.



Use the icon link, anything you buy after the link will result in us getting a very small percentage of the purchase. You pay the same, there is no cost to you, whether it's on our list or not.

Our Socials

You can also support us by following along on our socials.​



Just subscribing and giving a thumbs-up helps the algorithm.

No cost to you.


Just subscribing and liking posts will help.


Liking our FB page and interacting with posts makes a difference.

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