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New Year in the Lake District

I'm not a big fan of New Year's eve and prefer to be out doing something, so this year I decided to go to Lake District. Driving up and getting there late (dark) meant I couldn't have too much of a hike into camp. Hiking in dark, wet, windy and possibly icy conditions is not a favourite of mine. So after some suggestions from fellow campers I ended up choosing Loughrigg Fell in the southern part of the Lake District near Windermere and Ambleside.

The plan was to drive up on the Saturday and come back the Monday. After the usual ridiculous roadworks on the motorways I finally got to White Moss car park at 6pm. In the dark I went up the Fell it is only about 1.6 miles and pitched just off the summit. I had unfortunately picked up the incorrect tent (schoolboy error) and needed to stay away from the 60-80mph gusts that were forecast. So I found a ledge a couple of hundred feet off the summit and pitched in the dark. The view in the morning was pretty good.

I spent the day walking around Grassmere and returned for another night on the Fell.

Although it was wet and windy the dog seem to enjoy, but it is always good to get out and get rid of those cobwebs.


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